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For the individual inestor in real estate the process of putting a project together, permitting, building and selling it can be a complex, stressful and risky venture. It can also be very profitable and fun. It can make a huge contribution not only to the clients who buy the end product, but to the local environment and the social fabric of the city or urban environment where the project is taking place. If a project achieves these bench marks it will be more profitable.

  • Realistic business plan according to the location of the project

    Develop Project Objectives, including Quality Objectives and Project Outcomes, Sustainability Aspirations, Project Budget, other parameters or constraints and develop Initial Project Brief. Undertake Feasibility Studies and review of Site Information.

  • Project and development services

    We manage the design and construction of complex real estate projects from beginning to end, handling every detail. We’ll focus on customizing innovative business solutions to transform your vision into a reality. Drawing upon years of experience and market-specific knowledge, we collaborate with leading contracts / developers and world-renowned architects to create the most coveted properties in the marketplace.
    We provide complete range of services covering all stages of project realization: from spotting the early market opportunities through market analysis services, handling the financial and legal aspects of investment, setting high quality building specification and complete solutions for property management and securing the best possible outcome for the investor.

  • Development marketing

    We combine unrivaled sales and marketing expertise with an in-depth awareness of the on-going market trends and the most intricate details to achieve the best results for your project.

     Our team delivers a holistic approach encompassing comprehensive in-house research, marketing and sales, property management and mortgage financing.

  • Fund Management, focused on distressed properties

    Target IRR 30% net per annum.

    Real Estate Fund Management in Bulgaria with focus on distressed real estates. Smart Brokers will purchase, actively manage/optimize and then sell its property investments with a view to generating rental income and capital growth for the investor. All properties will be professionally managed by local property managers.



    Investment strategy:

    Public auctions: opportunity to purchase properties below market value (between 20%-30%). Work-out units of banks: Use existing contacts to mortgage and commercial banks to gain access to properties from delinquent mortgage holders. Properties can be acquired directly from the banks (ahead of an auction) at good discounts.
    2. Off-plan residential projects. Investments in off-plan projects with a view to generating profit for investor when the project is completed and all units sold out. Capital appreciation at least 30% p.a.

Realized Projects

Уважаеми Дами и Господа,

На 25 май 2018 влезе в сила общ регламент за защита на личните данни (Регламент ЕС N 2016/679). За да продължим да изпращаме към вас най-актуалните предложения имаме нужда от вашето съдействие и съгласие за получаване на маркетингови съобщения от Смарт Брокерс ООД.

Ако желаете да получавате информация за най-актуалните ни оферти за продажба и наеми на недвижими имоти, събития и интересни новини, съгласно Европейските изисквания, моля абонирайте се за нашия електронен инфобюлетин.

Този месец актуализираме и Политиката за поверителност на нашия уебсайт, за да може по-лесно да разберете как събираме личните ви данни, каква информация може да бъде събрана, как може да бъде използвана, какъв е срокът за който я съхраняваме, как съхраняваме личните ви данни и на кого могат да бъдат прехвърляни те. Моля запознайте се с Политиката за поверителност тук

За да потвърдите Вашето съгласие да получавате нашия бюлетин, моля натиснете бутона:

Ако НЕ желате да продължите да получавате нашия бюлетин, моля, натиснете ТУК
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