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Do you need a loan?

We will guide you in the sea of bank offers and assist you in negotiating a mortgage / consumer loan, refinancing or consolidating liabilities.

Our credit services

Are you buying a property for the first time? Or do you invest professionally in real estate? In both cases we will make it easier for you and save you time and money.
We offer mortgage loans for a new home or land, including for Bulgarians abroad.
Consumer loans
See all offers for consumer loans in one place - easy and convenient, free of charge.
Loan refinancing
Want to refinance a current loan? We will find the best solution for you.
Business loans
Find a suitable loan for the working or investment needs of your business.
Why choose Smart brokers?

You have our full assistance throughout the process of preparation and utilization of the loan, completely free of charge.

Иконка за услуги

We will negotiate better interest rates and parameters on your loan.

Иконка за услуги
Expert analysis

We will present you an analysis of the real price of your loan between all offers, free of charge.

Иконка за услуги
Professional consultation

What is the best loan for your specific case? The answer to this question is always expertly motivated and is a gift from us.

Услуги за финансиране
Did you find the perfect property?
It remains to calculate your income, consider all options for financing the purchase, comparing offers from banks and gather the necessary documents to obtain a loan. Our experts will advise you on all this, completely free of charge.
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our process

Determining the type of loan

We determine the most appropriate type of loan according to the specific case - for construction, for the purchase of green, targeted mortgage or non-target mortgage.

Comparison of offers

We define the banks that can best meet your needs, then analyze the offers and assess the best conditions for you.

Preparation of documents

We are preparing the documentation for applying for a loan in the bank, as well as for a legal opinion on the property to be mortgaged.

Loan agreement

After the documentation comes a comment and signing of the loan agreement.

Notary deed and mortgage

Finally, we finalize the conditions and prepare everything necessary for a draft deed and mortgage.
Are you ready to buy a new home?

Whether you are buying a property for the first time or you are a professional real estate investor, we can make it easier for you and save you a lot of time and money! Contact us now and compare the best offers on the market

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