How to choose a suitable terrain for construction?

How to choose a suitable terrain for construction

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The selection and purchase of land for construction is a long and complicated process. We need knowledge in the field of development plans, engineering infrastructure, as well as technical and legal competence.

  • Location and planning status

The most important task when choosing a site for construction is the determination of the desired areas, which must be consistent with the buyer's investment intentions.

It is very important to know the general layout of the settlement and to select areas suitable for the construction of a future building.

  • Infrastructure

First of all, it is important to check the transport infrastructure - the communication access to the terrain, as well as the proximity to stops of ground public transport and metro stations.

  • Cadastre and regulation

Common difficulties for the buyer are incompleteness and errors in the cadastral map, such as discrepancies in the boundaries of the property according to an active cadastral map and an effective regulatory plan, discrepancies between the area of the properties according to the title document and according to the cadastral sketch, and others, the solution of which requires time and funds.

  • Legal analysis of ownership

When we buy land for construction, it is mandatory that we carry out a full pre-property due diligence through a proper legal analysis that includes the property's ownership history, the acquisition basis of the seller and its grantors for a period of at least 10 years back, and other important details , which may be essential as the case may be.

  • Perspective of the area

When we buy land, we must inform ourselves about the development of the area we have chosen: the construction of new projects, the development of social and engineering infrastructure, new communication links, etc.


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