Reform in Architecture and Urban Spatial Development Service

Reform in Architecture and Urban Spatial Development Service

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Easier connection with the citizens, a digitization of more services, nohigh and dense urbanisation at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, as well as the foundation of new departments in Architecture and Urban Spatial Development Service – these are a part of the reforms which will be appliedfor the development of Sofia.

The buildings are one of the main areas in which a focus we will be put. The Statistics show that 40% of electricity consumption in the EU comes from the buildings. That's why the actions of the remediation and energy efficiency programme will continue. For example, the Housing Panel of 100 sq.m. consumes 15 kilowatts of electrical power. After remediation the costs can drop 3-4 times. "The Green City" includes much more than the green gardens and high quality streets.

A department "Housing policy" is also planned to be established. It will deal with the problems in the development of the energy efficiency program and the creation of a system of color solutions in the areas where remediation is carried out.

The standardisation of all documents and procedures in regional administrations is expected to be carry out. A substantial part of the construction and zoning decisions in Sofia pass through these administrations but at the moment each of them has different rules. The new development plans include the establishment of e-services for citizens, as well as fully digitized archive of the town planning documentation, in order to facilitate maximum communication between citizens and the administration.

Another guideline that will be payed attention to is the quality of the urban design.

Sofia Municipality will continue to put efforts in making the Detailed Site Development Plans (DDP) as quickly as possible. A few basic requirements regarding the vision of the city will be complied and one of them is the appearance of historic centre of Sofia to be maximum preserved. This is a definite requirement which is predicted to be guaranteed through urban plans and careful approach to the construction of tall buildings. Furthermore, the transparency will continue to kept in the maximum and the various projects to go todiscussing.


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