SmartBrokers was awarded for agency of the year

SmartBrokers was awarded for agency of the year

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At official ceremony yesterday were awarded the first annual awards of real estate portal.

A total of seven companies and brokers were honored for best practices in the real estate sector by the jury of the awards and the users of the portal for properties.

Consumers chose their favorite with very high percentage among voters over 3 thousand people.

In the category with the most contenders from all over the country – "real estate agency of the year – small business", took the prize "SmartBrokers. The organizers of the awards take into account the extremely high interest in the initiative. For this reason, next year the real estate industry and consumers can expect a second edition of the annual awards.

The cause behind which stands with the awards is the recognition of companies and experts who work with the emerging reputation of the industry, despite the aggressive grey sector of the market.

Deputy Minister of economy, pointed the role of the real estate market for the economy of the country given the strong growth rates and the turnover of transactions. Deputy. Minister of regional development and public works, expressed hope the sector to move in a positive direction and unfair practices.


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